Across the Universe, Best Work Lennon

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Of the hundreds of works that have been written by Lennon , the lyrics of the song Across the Universe into one of the best work he ever wrote . According to him , contained the words of a song of praise to the universe is purely an inspiration given to him .

He claimed to be inspired lyric " words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup " when he heard his first wife , Cynthia , encouraging him to do something . That phrase like haunt his head and eventually he started writing the lyrics continuation .

" It's one of the best lyrics I've ever written . Fact, this could be the best poetry , " he said . " Sadness , joy all lost in my mind . "

The song first appeared in the artists charity compilation album titled No One 's Gonna Change Our ​​World in December 1969 , and then he appeared with a different format in the album Let It Be was released in May 1970 . This album became their final work before the Beatles broke up.

The taste of this song is influenced by Transcendental Meditation , a meditation mantra that is being favored by the Beatles in late 1967 to early 1968 . Lennon added deva om mantra Jai teachers in the chorus that has meaning and menuntas glory will shine through the darkness .

Across the Universe has many recycled by several musicians such as David Bowie for the album Young Americans (1975 ) . Here , Lennon contributed his voice as a backing vocalist . Then there is also Jim Sturgess who sang this song for the soundtrack of the romantic drama film Across the Universe Julie Taymor filmed


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