Melly Goeslow - Queen Of Soundtrack (Full Album 2013)

Having had his own independent label , Joey Ayala get some soundtrack project that he signed himself with Anto Hoed , her husband .The soundtrack of the film BROKEN HEARTS , LOVE FOREVER 18 + + , WHAT IS LOVE , & loved GOD MOTHER MOGA is an example of the work of Joey Ayala who released independent .and recently the album "Queen Of The Soundtrack" will also be released as the first album from the record label Anto Hoed & Melly .Independent released , Melly was also aided by a record label / production of the 7 Stars . In addition , the album will contain songs from the soundtrack Moga loved Mother of God , Broken Hearts , 18 + + , Women Remain Women , and What 's Love .This album has been released in Indomaret because the weakened state of the music because of piracy .In addition , sales of the album is intended for blind children and deaf . :)The album will be released simultaneously in July 2013 , and relying on new single hits the " Moga loved Mother of God " is also on the soundtrack of the movie of the same name .

Track List :
1. Melly G.- Moga Bunda di Sayang Allah
2. Melly G. Feat. Lilo - Za 'Lan
3. Melly G. - Ku Tak Bisa Tanpamu
4. Acha Septriasa - Broken Heart (Ost. Broken Heart)
5. Kimberly Ryder - Selamanya Cinta (OST.18++)
6. Kimberly Ryder - Sampai Akhir Jaman (OST.18++)
7. Maharasyi - Biarkan Cinta  (Ost Wanita tetap Wanita)
8. Ayushita - Apa Ini Cinta (Ost. Apa Ini Cinta)

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