Citra Scholastika - Pasti Bisa (Full Album 2013)

Skolastika Citra Kirana Wulan (born June 5, 1993) or commonly known as Citra Scholastika is a youngest finalist from Indonesian Idol Sixth Season Remix. Her father is a worker at PT. Freeport Indonesia and her mother has an own bakery business. Before managed to become a finalist in the event Indonesian Idol, Citra was eliminated in the Workshop round III and back again through the Wild Card. His interest in the field of singing began to be sharpened since it follows Children Singing Contest in church at the age of four. The distinctive vocal and mastering jazz music type is its main characteristic.

Pasti Bisa  the first music album works Scholastika image released in 2013. The main song in this album is Everybody Knew, Pasti Bisa, Galau Galau Galau, Berlian, dan Seruan Kebaikan. Seruan Kebaikan song be the soundtrack to paint ads Mowi Lex. The album sold only at KFC outlets throughout Indonesia.

Track List : 
1. Pasti Bisa
2. Sadis
3. Everybody Knew
4. Kemenangan Cinta
5. Denganmu
6. Badai Dan Kasih (ft. Delon)
7. Mama Papa
8. Seruan Kebaikan
9. Alasan Terbesar (ft. Piyu)
10. C.I.T.R.A
11. Berlian
12. Galau Galau Galau

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