5 Video Parody 'Wrecking Ball' Miley Cyrus Most Ridiculous!

We all seem to agree that Miley Cyrus is a different figure from the past. Acting in movies sweet Hannah Montana has now changed 180 degrees.

And of course a lot of people agree, if BANGERZ second single on the album, entitled Wrecking Ball is a great song. No wonder this song topped several charts worldwide prestigious.

Moreover, a video clip of this song, the article Miley looks convincing acting in each scene. Like crying, lick sledgehammer and swinging-ayu on giant iron ball, and destroy the walls.

Some people end up intrigued to 'tease' this video. They made ​​a video parody that is so worth listening to, especially if you currently need entertainment.

Because guaranteed, you might not not laugh when watching it. At least smile.

What a silly parody videos 'Wrecking Ball' which popularized Miley Cyrus? How ya reaction if Miley really see videos

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